I feel like everyone was born with a purpose and mine was to marry an attractive band member

Anonymous said:
In order to understand something I have to ask you, wasn't Ashton an asshole in Part 6? I'd really like to hear your opinion since you were the one that wrote it. Thank you, lovely c:

Maybe a little bit I guess, mainly, there’s jealousy showing from both sides which makes their relationsship complicated, and I guess because of that Ashton may seem like an asshole but there’s more to come :3

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take all the time you need. I'm pretty sure everyone can just wait a fucking week.

Exactly, peepz need to chill ♥

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Just letting you know that the country preference on Brazil, the luke one its not "como bonito" it should be "que bonito" to have a meaning, it's very well written btw


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I'm reloading your tumblr just to see when ur going to post the teacher imagines . I'm excited maybe

Aw its up now ^^

#62: He’s Your Teacher | Part 6


Boom baam bitches, I’m back. - WARNING SMUT AHEAD







3 weeks. That was how long you had managed to keep yourself distracted away from Luke. You had even managed to skip more than 5 math classes, avoiding him in the hallways and over texts. Even though he had only texted you once throughout the whole period, which came to your shock actually. All he had text was “Can we meet up.” Which was on the day Adam had confronted you. But of course you couldn’t avoid him forever. When your mother had found out that you had skipped she was immediately pissed off, wanting a reason why, but what could you say?

“Hey you’re zoning out again.” Adam nudged you with his shoulder without looking at you, keeping his eyes on the blackboard. “So what.” You mumbled, not caring about whatever lesson you were having right now. “What’s the matter?” He asked, intertwining your fingers but you rejected immediately, removing your hand from his, to his shock. “Oh kay.” He answered with a raised eyebrow, looking down at you. “I’m not in the mood for this.” You shook your head, letting out a small groan as your head was pounding with thoughts. “Y/N I see you talking in my class?” Your teacher yelled, but all you could do was rolling your eyes. “Just give me that damn purple note already.”


Crumbling the purple note between your fingers you dragged yourself towards room, opening the door and walked in. The room was different today for a sudden reason; you were met by a very cozy room with tables, books and beanbags placed on different spots. But that wasn’t what caught your attention the most. The fact that Luke was sitting in front of the desk with his head in his hands made your eyes go wide, panic spreading through your body. But you had to suck it in so you took a deep breath before walking towards one of the other students, taking a seat next to the persons.

“Mr. Hemmings, why are we in this local, what happened to the other room?” A girl yelled, making everyone look up from their papers, Luke lifting his head. He was about to answer, pressing his pencil into his chin but when his eyes caught yours, his mouth went open but no words came out. He shook his head quickly tearing his eyes away and placed the pencil on the wooden table. “The usual detention room is undergoing renovations. Principal Hank suggested this room as well. It’s mainly used for people who need help with homework and such.” He mumbled, looking down at the paper again, talking monotone. Throughout the whole class, none of you guys said anything, just occupied with your own word.

“We need to talk.” You announced as the last person headed out of the class, Luke looked up at you bored. “There’s nothing to talk about.” He answered in a mumble, going back to look at his paper. “We have. And we will.” You said sternly walking closer to his desk. Luke’s jaw tensed by your presence, starting to collect his things together. “I think you should talk to Adam instead, looks like you two get along really well. He growled before standing up, taking his stuff and walked towards the door. You were speechless by his words, trying to register what he was pointing at but then you realized it. He had seen you guys together. “Luke you don’t understand.” “I understand what I want to understand.”

“Luke would you just listen to me for god sake.” You stamped your foot down as you spoke, looking at him wide eyed. “There’s nothing to tell Y/N, you chose to be with another person instead of me, that’s fine, but could you at least tell me instead of doing it behind my fucking back!” “Luke we’re not together in that way.” “Try to explain why you’re holding hands and kissing.” He crossed his arms and cocked his head while looking at you, waiting for an answer but you stayed silence.

“He knows Luke! He knows about us!” Your sudden yell startled Luke to say at least, his mouth hanging open a bit. “And he’s using it against me.”

Luke stood up from leaning against the table, his before crossed arms now hanging loose against his waist. He walked slowly towards you before reaching out for you cheek, cupping it with his hand. His other hand went up to your lips, his thumb grazing the bottom lip. He looked up and down your face in a slow motion before leaning in, pressing his lips against yours. In his head this was probably the last thing he should do, but he had to, it felt right in this head. Grabbing the hem of your shirt he removed it from your warm body before doing the same with his, throwing the clothing towards the floor.

“Can’t believe he’s using us against your will.” He growled and led you backwards until the back of your knees hit one of the beanbags, Luke pushing you down lightly before he took a seat on your lap, having one leg on each side of your thighs.

Luke hungry lips pressed against yours as well, your hands going through his hair as his lips removed away from yours, kissing the skin below your neck before he worked himself up towards your jaw, pecking around your lips before he pressed against them again. His calloused fingers ran up and down the skin of your arms before they landed above your stomach, reaching for your leggings to come off. His eyes were hungry as he looked at you, your hips automatically lifting for him to pull them off.

He removed them down your legs before taking his own off as well, taking your body in as he stood still. You gave him a small smile as you cocked your head, him going back down to sit on you again, the beanbag making a sound as he did, his hands reaching down the open your bra behind your back. He fumbled with it for a bit, having to use both of his hands to get it off, a small giggle leaving your lips as he did, removing it from your arms and throwing it behind his back. He leaned his bare chest against yours as he pressed your harder against the beanbag, his lips ghosting over yours before he pressed against them fully, kissing you hungry again.

When the last article of clothing was off, Luke didn’t hesitate to line his cock up against your entrance, giving you a reassure look, waiting for you to nod before he could press in. When you approved he pressed himself in to your satisfaction, starting out with a slow pace but worked it up so it went faster and faster.

His thrusts were harder at this point but you barely had any registration of it, all your attention was focused on was his eyes. They told more than what his mouth could do. They showed jealousy and anger. But most important hurt. He had actually fallen hard for you without even noticing it at all. And with all the Adam drama, it was not the jealousy that filled the most. It was his insecurities. Insecure of losing you, insecure of not being enough, not being a football player or being around your age. But he knew what was better for you.

“I don’t think I will last any longer.” He mumbled through a groan, his hands on your hip being tighter than possible, the mixture of his groans, your moans and the beanbag moving was the only sounds in the room as Luke tried to chase his and yours orgasms.

“It’s fine. Just let go.” You managed to say, and without further redo, Luke came harder than what he expected, filling you up with his load as he kept on thrusting, determined to get you to finish as well. Soon after whilst hitting your G sport repeatedly, you finally let go as well. When the both of you had calmed down Luke removed himself from you, starting to pick up his clothes and getting dressed, you doing the same thing, the silence taking over the room.

“I don’t really know how to say this, but I have to.” You stopped in track by Luke’s sudden announcement, looking up at him questionably. “I don’t.. I don’t think we should continue this. Us two together.” He motioned between the two of you with his fingers. “What do you mean?” You asked, startled by his words. “Y/N I don’t know how to say this without it’s going to hurt. But whatever we had, it’s over.” Luke swallowed as he said the last words, pulling his jacket on.

 He knew that this would hurt him more than you, but he had to. He had to let you go and let you enjoy your life whilst you were young. Not having to think about your older boyfriend always not having time because he’s working overdue or such things like that. Seeing you with a boy around your own age made him realize this. That you guys had to move on what you had. He knew it would be best for you.

But that was not in any way what you had in mind. You loved Luke even though you hadn’t even realized it yourself. But by these words, your world crashed down and the sudden feeling of crying crossed your mind. You weren’t the person to cry so when your eyes started to automatically moisturize with water and all you could think of was to get away.

Grabbing your shirt from the floor you pulled it on fast before running out of the room, leaving Luke alone as he watched your reaction. It hurt. Harder than what he expected.


There was no doubt in mind that at this point, all you and Calum did was to avoid each other. Seeing each other on the hallway? You would either turn down another road or ignore his presence and so would he towards you. Yet you were actually lucky when he gave you the detention note since it was a detention class where he wouldn’t be the teacher. So you were that lucky to actually go through it without getting probably constant stares from Calum in a sly movement.

But unfortunately as the both of you knew, the usually P.E class at Wednesday appeared. It was definitely not something you were looking forward to but to prevent getting absence for not being there, you pushed your chest forward, ready to face it. Who said that you actually had to interact with Calum, as long as you at least anticipated in class he wouldn’t bug.

Swinging your gym back over your shoulder you followed Y/BF/N towards the changing room. “Ready for today?” She asked casually, looking behind her to look at you. You only shrugged your shoulders, walking through the door and over to your usual spot on the bench near the mirror. You bowed down to open your bag but stopped in track as you heard the sound of Miranda behind you. None of you had interacted since that day on the hallway as well and there was no doubt that just the sound of her voice sent chills down your spine. Lifting yourself up you took a look behind her shoulder. Her words like I’m going to ask him to go out with me, and we both know that if Mr. Hood had to choose to date one of us, it would be me crossed your mind making you knit your eyebrows. An idea crossed your mind and you took off your T shirt, taking your sports bra and putting that on. If she thought she would get attention by dressing like that, what would you get if you dressed like that as well?

Putting on some booty shorts, you pulled on your shoes, letting your hair being loose as you took a look in the mirror. It didn’t look that bad. “Why are you wearing that?” Y/BF/N asked with a raised eyebrow from behind you, making you turn around fast. “Everyone needs a change I guess.” You said, swinging your leg over the bench so you could get to the other side, giving Miranda a small glare to see her already eyeing you from the corner of her eye. “You ready to go?” You asked looking down at Y/BF/N, seeing her making a knot to her shoes. “Yes.” She answered, smiling slightly before standing up, the both of you walking into the gym hall.

Calum’s eyes were immediately removed from the other teacher’s eyes as he felt your presence in the hall, his eyes going up and down your body as you walked towards the circle everyone was creating as they sat down, ready to get a name check going on to see if everyone had meet up.

Throughout the whole P.E progress Calum had a hard time trying to focus on people jumping from the trampoline, because not far away from him you were running around with Y/BF/N playing badminton, laugher filling the air every time one of you teased each other for failing at hitting the ball. The way you were running around, your boobs bouncing with each step and the cleavage showing off from your sports bra was a big thing to swallow. And even though he knew it would be wrong, his desire for your touch and presence was still lingering in his veins.

Time flew faster than what you had expected to your luckiness. The other teacher yelled out that everyone should go changing now, making a small sigh leaving your lips. You were exhausted to say at least; since you had been ignoring Calum it made you more active in the play.

“Y/N, you’re going to stay.” Calum said in a stern tone as all the girls were heading towards the changing room. “Excuse me?” You questioned in an annoyed tone, watching him in boredom a you crossed your arms. “You heard me.” Calum said with no emotion on his face before he turned around and started to clean the hall from gymnastic furniture with the other coach.  You eyed him for a second in registration. You got his attention as you wanted but what was going to come along afterwards had not crossed your mind.

Walking back to the changing room you sat down on the bench and watched the others as they showered and changed, ready to head back to the class. “Do you want me to wait for you or..?” Y/BF/N trailed off as she swung her gym back over her shoulder. “No just walk I feel like this could take a while.” You mumbled, “Okay see ya later then.” She went out of the door leaving you and 4 girls back in the changing room.

“Are there any naked girls in here?” Calum knocked on the door making a chuckle leaving from the other girls, one of them yelling out no. Calum opened the door and walked in, a hand in front of his eyes to make sure that they were telling the truth. “Good god.” Calum laughed removing his hand. “Calum!” Miranda screeched as like she hadn’t seen him before. She sprinted over to him as he formed a smirk yet with a raised eyebrow. “What’s up?” He asked placing his gym bag to the ground. “So I was wondering we could maybe go out for ice cream after school? Only if you aren’t doing anything else of course.”

Her invitation took him back to say at least and she didn’t even put an effort to make it quieter about it, making his eyebrows rise higher. “I’m sorry to inform you about this but affairs between students and teachers are way out of league.” Calum almost let out a chuckle afterwards by her shocked expression. Miranda didn’t say another thing, just looked shocked over at you as you only cocked a smirk before she turned around on her heel, heading back towards her gym back.

When the last girl walked out, Calum’s eyes turned dark, going back to a no emotion expression as he looked down at you on the bench. “You-“ “Are going to change so I suggest you leave.” You snapped interrupting whatever dominant thing he was going to say. “I’m not gonna move.” He stated crossing his arms. “Fine.” You smirked, “I’ll change anyways.”

Calum’s eyes went wide as you removed your sports bra from your body along with your bra, taking your shoes off and pants, leaving you in only your panties. You gave him a small glare before removing the last piece of clothing, grabbing your towel from your back and heading towards the showers leaving Calum alone. Calum stood frozen for a second trying to register what you had just done.

Hanging your towel on one of the racks you went over to the shower and turned the water on, letting out a small yelp as the cold water hit your skin but afterwards the warmness of it came out, and letting your lips form a small sigh. And even though you didn’t turn around, you could already feel Calum’s presence behind you. The faint sound of feet walking appeared behind you but you didn’t turn your head before you felt hands being placed on your hip, cocking your head to look at Calum standing behind you, his eyes darker than before.

He wrapped his arms around your body, pulling you into his chest letting you feel his hard member resting against his stomach, the heat from his bare skin meeting yours. “Fucking tease.” He mumbled under his breath before he swung you around, pressing his lips to yours before pushing you away from the running water and up against the wall behind it, him now getting water on his body.

“How can you already be so hard Mr. Hood?” You purred as he pressed you further against the cold shower wall. “Because you’ve been fucking teasing me throughout the whole period, you think I can control myself?” He growled placing one of your legs around his hip. “No time to foreplay I see?” Your lips trailed up his neck as you spoke, “I can’t wait any longer.” He breathed before his tip brushed against your entrance, his hand getting a better grip on your leg around his hip as he secured it more, pushing his member fully into you.

The both of you mumbled out strangled moans by the sudden sensation, Calum already starting a harsh pace, pushing you further into the wall with harsh smacks, there was no doubt that there would be injuries on your back afterwards, worse than what had happened the last time. “Calum.” You whined, your nails scratching down the wet skin on his shoulder blades, the intense sensation almost getting too much for your body. Calum could feel that, so he slowed down so he managed to still have a fast pace but with less harshness in it.

He looked down at your vulnerable state by his touch, pressing a soft kiss to your forehead before he gave you 3 harsh thrusts, wanting to see how close your orgasm was. “Close.” You managed to get out to his satisfaction, lifting your leg further on his hip to make sure that your G-spot were hit perfectly. Your body started to shake as he hit the right spot, your moans getting higher pitched as he kept on pushing on, determined to get you off before himself. With one last trust, your orgasm took over making your whole body shake, Calum pressing his lips into yours as he kept on thrusting, letting you experience all of it as he came not more than 10 seconds later, a small groan leaving his lips as he pulled back, his head falling back to his neck.

He spilled himself into you, keeping on the thrust until he felt like he had finished, almost letting his body collapsing into yours against the wall as his forehead felt on yours.


The faint sound of the TV playing in the living room was the only thing you could hear as you stood in front of the fridge in the kitchen, the clock passing 10pm as you were getting ready to go to bed. A buzz from your phone that was placed on the counter interrupted your thoughts and the screen lighted up a message. Forming a small smile you went over to it, unlocking it and reading the small text from Michael.

Your brother was sitting at one of the bar stools on the counter next to the one you were standing against, his eyebrow cocking as he watched the smile forming on your lips, a small giggle being silenced stuck in your throat. “What’s so funny?” He asked, you tore your eyes from the screen to look at him. “Nothing, just Melanie.” You lied, placing the phone in your back pocket and taking the class of water you had poured. “You’re lying to me.” He stated, crossing his arms.

“What?” You asked startled, an uncomfortable feeling running up your spine as you watched him in fear. “I know what you’re doing.” He warned, taking his phone out of his pocket. “You don’t know a-“ Your mouth shut close as he showed the picture he had on his phone of you and Michael outside the front of your house inside his car. “You can’t-““Tell mom and dad? Oh I will for sure if you won’t keep yourself away from him.” His tone was harsh as he spoke, shoving the phone back in his pocket.

“You wouldn’t do that to me.” You almost whispered watching him as a cocked a smirk. “Y/N, sweety, this is for your own best. For your own safety. Think it as a favor.” “I don’t want a favor.” You said more stern, crossing your arms, anger building up in your spine. “Fine.” He stated before yelling, “Mom, dad I think you should get down here for a second.”

Fear ran down your body as the sound of feet appeared on the stair case, your mouth going dry as your parents came into the kitchen, curiosity showing off from their face expressions. “What’s going on?” Your mom asked, watching your brother cocking a smirk and you having fear in your eyes.

“I think Y/N wants to tell you something.” He stated, all eyes watching you now. “No I don’t.” You snapped and watching him shrugging his shoulders. “Is it about this mystery guy who drives you to school?” Your mother formed a small smile, watching as your cheeks started to blush when Y/B/N took his phone out again, and unlocking it. “Actually it is.” He answered before showing your parents the photo. “Wait a minute; I’ve seen this guy before.” Your dad stated, squeezing his eyes to get a better look at the photo. “Oh you have? I have too. In my Society class, yet funny enough not as one of the students. But as one of my teachers.”

By Y/B/N’s words, your mom’s head snapped up by the mention of teacher, her eyes boiling in fear and anger. “What are you telling me?” She yelled startling the both of you. “Are you dating your teacher?” No words came out as your mom looked at you questionably with anger, her whole body tensing as she waited for an answer. “The picture says it all.” Your brother mumbled, feeling satisfied. “Answer me!” Your mom said more sternly now, making you stammer out a few words. “That might be correct.” You flinched as the words came out.

Soon after there were a fighting match between you and your parents, Y/B/N leaving the kitchen to let you be on your own. There was not a minute where one of them was not screaming, your dad starting a new confrontation when your mom had finished one. “I cannot believe this.” She mumbled to herself, trying to calm herself down by pulling her hair. “You’re not going to see him again.” Her statement filled the air as silence felt over the room, your dad nodding his head by her words.

“I can’t do that.” You mumbled, scratching your arm. “Oh you will. And to make sure, you’re grounded.” Your mouth felt open by the words, watching the both of them before you sprinted out of the kitchen, running up towards your room and smacking the door afterwards.

 You wanted to cry, hella yes you wanted but no tears came out even though you blinked at least thousand times. They didn’t understand and they didn’t know a single thing about you and Michael’s relationship. Of course it could be classified as “off limits” But that’s a minus when love has no limits. At this point all you needed was to be in Michael’s arms, but how would that work? An idea formed in your head and you looked at the time. The current time was 10pm and there was no reject that your parents would be to bet at least by 11:30. So when the time was right, striking 12pm you opened your window and managed to climb out of it and land safe on the ground. There was no doubt in mind that you needed Michael and you needed him now.

But what you nearly forgot was the fact that the weather was not very pleasant for your dressing and Michael lived at least 2, 5 mile away from you. But that didn’t stop you. Who knew, you could be a fast walker. But as you fought through the wind and faint snow, pulling your sweater tighter into your body, your limbs going numb and your lips full blue, it was hard to even manage to knock on Michael’s door when you were finally there.

When Michael opened his door, his eyes went wide as he saw your small vulnerable state, your body shaking but you could barely feel it. “Babe what in the world are you doing here.” He mumbled grabbing your cold hand and pulling you into his chest, taking a look outside before he pulled you inside, before walking you into the house, shutting the door with his foot. You only quivered more, trying to form out words but no came out. “Okay I’ll fix you a bath and then we can talk?” He suggested pulling slightly away to look at you, waiting for confirmation. You nodded your head by his words, forming a very small smile before he pulled you towards the bathroom.

Michael filled up the bathtub with a little mixture of shampoo whilst you stood behind him watching. “Can you undress yourself?” He looked back for a second to look at you, you nodded your head and started to take of the dampen cold clothes. When the last articles of clothes were off, Michael’s warm hand grabbed your cold one and helped you into the tub, the warmness of the water immediately embracing your cold body.

“Better?” He asked, taking a seat next to you on the floor, removing a strand of your hair away from your forehead. You formed a small smile, nodding your head at his words as you looked at him. “Care to explain me what happened now?” He asked, making you chew on you bottom lip. “Only if you’ll join me here.”

Michael didn’t hesitate for a second, just raised himself from the floor before undressing himself, giving your body a push so he could slide behind you, wrapping his arms around your stomach and pulling you back so your back was resting against his chest.

“My brother told everything to my parents.” Michael tensed in his spot by your words, his mouth going dry. “Everything?” He questioned, tighten his grip around you. “Everything.” You confirmed nodding your head and giving him a small look. “Shit.” Michael cursed, his eyebrows knitting. “My parents told me that they forbid me seeing you.” “Yet you’re still here at 1am?” He questioned, a small smile forming on his lips.

“It will take more than just my parents’ words to not see you.” You admitted, leaning more against his chest. “That was sweet.” He purred in your ear, giving you a small kiss on the cheek.

“Want me to get all the bad things of your mind?” He whispered in your ear, his teeth grasping your earlobe slightly. “What did you have in mind?” You asked looking up at him. His hand started to trace patterns down towards your belly button, his hand now resting right above your heat. The both of you kept eye contact as Michael’s hands went down to your folds, his fingers running up and down, making a shiver run down your spine.

His finger stopped on your clit and pressed, a small gasp leaving your lips as he started to circle around the bundle of nerves. “You know I love you so much right?” He mumbled as his other hand traced down to your center, immediately inserting two fingers, already going on a fast pace. “I love you too.” You managed to say through a moan, your back arching as Michael’s fingers brushed against your sweet spot.

“We’ll sort everything out I’ll promise.” His hands left your clit and let it wander up towards your chest, inserting another finger into your entrance before speeding up the pace. At this point you were a moaning mess under Michael’s touch, waves appearing around you guys as he worked on getting your orgasm approach. When your legs started to shake he knew you were close and he increased the speed more if it was even possible, feeling your whole body to shake. A warm feeling started to appear in your stomach and you let out a strangled moan when your orgasm finally hit you, making your vision lack and stars appeared.

When your orgasm had quiet down, Michael let out a small chuckle before giving your cheek another kiss, standing up from the tub and drying himself off with a towel, hooking it around his hip before he grabbed another one. “Ready to go to bed?” He chuckled as he reached for your hands, lifting you up from the towel before he wrapped the towel around your wet body. You only nodded your head with a dazed smile, too exhausted to even come with a proper answer.

Michael grabbed the plug out of the bathtub before grabbing you by the calves, lifting you up and carrying you back into the bedroom.


You and Ashton shared a few glares afterwards, him mostly giving you glares to make sure that you were actually doing your work even though he had removed Matty and you apart. You took a look back to glare at Matty, him now fully occupied with his plan, explaining it to Endri instead of you, making you let out a sigh, removing your gaze towards your new partner and the working paper in front of you.

The class went faster than your expectations and it wasn’t like your new working partner were that bad. As the bell ringed you collected your papers together, throwing them into your bag before swinging them over your shoulder, grabbing your coat as well. “Ready to finish the last period before our movie night is the only thing being plastered on our calendar.” Matty smiled as he stood behind you, reaching a hand out for you to place yours around making you laugh for a bit, hooking it around his to walk out, trying to ignore Ashton’s presence.

Yet you didn’t get that far. “Mr. Y/L/N.” He stopped your half through the door making you knit your eyebrows in anger, letting go of Matty’s arm and gave Ashton a bored look. “Don’t give me that look.” He said more stern in his tone making you roll your eyes at him against his satisfaction, waiting for the other students to leave the classroom.

As the last person left the room that was when your rage started. “What the hell was that dick move, why in the world would you remove me from Matty?” You almost yelled in anger looking down at him with knitted eyebrows. He didn’t say a thing, just kept staring down at his paper. “Answer me for god sake Ashton.” He pushed to chair back instantly by your words, “You think it’s easy for me to see you guys that close together?” He said stern looking down at you now. Though there was no sympathy from your side, “We’re best friends for god sake!” Ashton let out a small groan, “That doesn’t change the way I see you guys together.”

Your mouth went into a straight line as you stared at him. “You think it’s easy for me to see you close to other teachers?!” His eyes went wide by the mention, his eyebrows knitting. “What do you mean by that?” He asked crossing his arms, “The blonde one at the hallway.” You mentioned and his mouth fell open yet he didn’t get a chance to say a thing as the blonde teacher you were referring to, opened the door to the classroom. “Sorry am I interrupting something?” She asked, lifting her hands in surrender.

“No you aren’t, please come in Hollie.” Ashton greeted with a smile taking a seat on his chair. “I just wanted to ask you at what time we should meet at the Funky Club tonight.” You turned your gaze towards Ashton with wide eyes, “Oh yea uhm..” He scratched his head, “What about 10?” He asked and she nodded her head fast before disappearing from the door again. You looked back at Ashton with a questionable look. “Okay so the deal is that she just got promoted by our principal and she asked if me and some other teachers wanted to go out and celebrate it.” He explained fast making you cock an eyebrow. “And of course I can’t tag you along mainly because you’re my student and eh-“ “Because I’m not old enough.” You finished for him grabbing your bag. “It’s not like it’s something bad.” Ashton tried to reassure but you just rolled your eyes at him. You had something in mind now and there was no doubt that your black cocktail dress that has been hiding in your closet for too long needed a little fresh walk.


“Are you ready- Woah.” Matty’s mouth felt open as he looked you up and down, his eyebrows knitting. “This is not your usual movie night outfit.” He said in a more nervous tone afraid of what you had in mine. “That’s because we’re not going to have a movie night. We’re going to a club.” You answered fast before pulling him into his room, finding some new clothes for him to wear. “But we’re not old enou-“ You shoved a fake ID card into his stomach making him let out a huff, looking down at the card with wide eyes. “How did you even?” He mumbled looking up at you dazed. “I have my ways.” You mumbled, grabbing your purse. “Ready?” You asked, grabbing his car keys and threw them towards him. “Sometimes your spontaneous ideas take the life out of me Y/N.”

The club was already filled with a good amount of people, Matty’s eyes widen as you came in through the front door. “I feel like I’m getting sick.” He mentioned making a giggle leave your lips, taking his hand in yours before you dragged him over to the bar. “4 Shots please.” You mentioned to the bartender raising 4 of your fingers up for him to understand and he nodded his head coming back soon after with the shots.

“Ready to drown one?” You asked giving him a cheeky smirk as you grabbed the shot class, giving Matty one. He hesitated for a second, but was determined to do the same thing as you, clinking your glasses together before you drowned the shot, feeling the burning sensation down your throat as it happened.

Soon the both of you had drowned the 4th shot, Matty being completely wasted at this point. “I think I’ll go talk to her.” He mentioned pointing slobby towards a red haired girl on the dance floor. Your eyes widen by his sudden movement, in your head Matty had always seemed like the more feminine person. You watched him as he went over to the girl but was suddenly stopped as a hand landed on your hip. Turning around fast to yell at whoever was touching you, your mouth felt open and eyes wide as you noticed Ashton.

He didn’t say a thing, yet just dragged you outside towards the back exit, the cold air hitting your bare skin that wasn’t covered by your dress. “What in the world are you doing here?” He asked, yet not as angry as you expected. The alcohol on his breath was lingering in the air in front of his mouth, his body pressing harder against yours on the cold brick wall behind you.

His bulge was prominent against your thigh as he pressed harder, his lips starting to trail kisses along your neck. “You’re drunk.” You breathed, a hand grabbing a fistful of the back of his neck hair, shutting your eyes as they travelled down to your collarbone.  “You don’t seem so sober either.” He mumbled, watching you up and down pulling away. Your hand reached down to palm his hard on, Ashton pressing his hips harder to your hand to create more fractions.

“I’m too drunk right now to even be mad at you for going into a club who doesn’t allow people over 21 but at this point all I need is you and those plump pink lips of yours.” He mentioned, his thumb running over your lips. “Cute.” You said sarcastically, before opening his flannel down to the last button, showing off his chest, Ashton letting out a small hiss by the cold air. “No teasing please Y/N.” He almost begged as your lips started to trace around his chest and down to his navel.

“As you wish.” You said above a whisper starting to unbutton his belt. There was no doubt that the both of you were still pissed at each other, yet the alcohol boost had changed the anger into lust.

Moving his pants down along with his boxers down to mid-thigh, Ashton let out a bigger hiss as his throbbing member connected with the skin against his stomach, his tip red and leaking with precum. “How can you already be so hard?” You questioned taking his member in your small hand, running it up and down slowly.

Ashton managed to let out a strangled moan before he answered, “That tight dress of yours was enough to get me harder than metal.” He let out another groan as you started to speed up your hand, leaning down to give his tip a gentle kiss.

Ashton’s body started to shake just by the small gesture, his whole body draining adrenaline as he looked down at you taking more and more into your mouth that could fit. He grabbed a fistful of your hair, trying to push more of him in, yet you started to gag. “Sorry princess.” He mumbled but you only sucked harder by his words, making his eyes squeeze in delight, his mouth hanging open.

Ashton’s thighs started to tremble indicating that he was on a chase for his orgasm which only made you go faster and take more than what you actually thought you could take, trying to ignore the gagging. With Ashton’s last strangled moan he came in 3 spurts into your mouth and down your throat, pants leaving his lips in a fast pace. When he felt he was done he removed you fast from his cock before lifting you up by the shoulder and placed his lips on yours in a chase kiss. The kiss lasted until he was out of breath making him lean his forehead against yours.

“Ashton?” Ashton’s eyes opened fast by the mention of his name, turning his head around fast to hear the sound of Hollie’s high heels clicking on the stone street. She walked a further down, looking around confused trying to spot him making your eyes go wide instantly yet Ashton was more calm.

“Shh.” He whispered, taking off his jacket to place it around your shoulders. His lips brushed against your forehead as you waited for Hollie to disappear, Ashton letting out a sigh of relief as the sound of her high heels started to fade away.

He looked down at you to try to catch eye contact but all you did was to stare down the ground, determined to not lift your head to meet his waiting gaze. 

Anonymous said:
Master list?


heyhibitch said:
I'm really sorry i'm asking again, but can you please tell us all when is gonna be the next update of the He's your teacher series xD. I absolutely adore your writings and stories XOXO♡♥♡♥

Aww in the matter of seconds, and thank you 

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when are you going tp update 'he's your teacher' bc im like really excited rn 😍😍😍

Im posting it in a few minutes!!