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#52 Boyband VS Girlband | AU Part 1 


Yes, I do happen to know that 5SOS isn’t a boyband - just a band. It’s just a title, don’t judge the book by its cover.


2 camps are each summer being forced to have a well fair competition at the end of the camp. But what happens when two band rivals, 5 Seconds Of Summer from Camp Fire, and Devilish Angels from Camp Flow’s bandmembers end up developing possibly feelings towards each other against the sudden camp rules?


” Magenda catch.” You whisper-yelled before throwing a bucket towards the red-haired girl also known as the bassist of your band. “We’ve got the caramel sauce.” Amia said from behind you, coming into view with Leah. “Awesome. This is sooo gonna be a comeback from when they mixed up our nail polish with food colored mayonnaise.” You said sending a glare behind you, looking around in the 5SOS cabin forming a little smirk on your lips. Leah threw a robe around one of the cabin posts before connecting it to the door, making sure it was safe enough. “ Okay so basically what’s going to happen is that when Luke and the boys will open the door, the bucket will turn around and lubricate them into this shit?” Meganda checked and you nodded your head. “ Oh don’t forget the feathers!” Amia laughed before taking another robe swinging it over with the bucket. As you had finished your little set up plan, you all went over to Michael’s bed before hiding behind it making sure that the window behind you was opened so you could jump out at any second. “Hey girls?” The 4 of you turned around by the sound of no other than Luke’s voice, seeing him standing outside with the rest of the band, all of them having a devilish smirk plastered on their beautiful faces. Your eyes widen in a fear surprise before turning your head towards the door seeing that the door knot was moving indicating that someone else was coming in – clearly not Luke and his gang. As the door was opening as expected the bucket turned 180 degrees, it’s liquid floating out on non-other than  Mrs. Walden and her assistant. You were all standing up now eyes widen as you saw the other bucket turn around letting feathers appear everywhere. “Holy shit.” Leah mumbled, and as she did Luke and the others were standing behind the door on the porch, laughing. Mrs. Walden turned around quickly looking at the boys before turning her attention back to you. ” Hemmings! Y/L/N! Pack up your stuff you’re going to the isolation cabin. NOW!” The other girls were about to protest but Mrs. Walden sended them a death glare making them shut up.


Standing up against your dresser you mixed some avocado in a bowl mixing it around with a few spices. It was about 9AM on the second day of the camp, you, Emma, Willow and Hero had settled down, packing out everything and of course the cabin had to inaugurate in girl manners. Face masks were exchanged, the bass from the music aloud and giggles were shared here and then. “Got any ideas for a song we could play for the camp competition?” Hero asked looking around at the other girls. You let out a shrug before placing the bowl of avocado on the floor in the middle of you guys before reaching over for the chips bag, opening it before letting the chips flow out into a bowl. “ Mrs. Mose said that she had doubled up the cymbals this year, so I’m really looking forward to it.” Emma said letting her fingers slide over the facemask on her head, checking if it was dry. You were about to comment on it but got interrupted as the sound of guitars and a Cajon appeared from outside your cabin. You all looked at each other before lifting yourselves up from the floor to check out who was playing. “ You’ve got to be kidding me.” Emma mumbled as you all reached the window, seeing 5 Seconds Of Summer – Camp Fire’s favourite band, key word - fat asses, playing an acoustic number. “ What are they even doing here.” You said quietly so they couldn’t here. “Probably just annoying the shit out of us.” Willow said whilst eyeing them in disgust. You kept on listening to them for a will small irritated sighs leaving from the 4 of you’s mouths. “ I’m serious girls if they win this year, I swear I’ll never come back to this camp.” Emma warned and the other nodded. “ I have an idea though.” Hero snickered looking at you other with a smirk. “ How about one of us fake date them? And then when they’ve fallen for us we’ll crush their heart like a piñata?” “ I suggest we should take Calum then. They would be fucked without a bassist.” Willow commented, “ But who’s gonna do it then?” Emma asked. “I suggest you do it Y/N.” Willow said with a smirk before looking back at you, 6 eyes staring at you hopefully.  


Crossing your legs on your bed, you took a deep breath of relief as you looked around at your surroundings. You had missed this. The small cabin, trees everywhere and music being the only thing you could occupy with at this camp. Rachel was as always messing around with her clothes, smashing it down into her dresser not caring about it being curled, Jenna and Maya teamworking on putting up your usual posters. “ I’ve missed this.” You smiled and the other girls nodded. The usual sound of scrambling came from outside making the 4 of you look outside your window, waiting for the speakers which was placed on the outdoor lamps, to give any information. “Attention campers we wanna inform you that we’ve changed up a few things. To save money, we’ve combined our canteen with none other than Camp Fire! So that means that we’ve actually mixed up in our kitchen groups. We’ve hung up the papers with groups and schedules in the canteen!” The 4 of you looked at each other in fear knowing that something bad would totally happen now. “ I swear to god, if I’m on the same team as Ashton I’ll rip someone’s throat out.” Rachel groaned as you all were walking in a fast past towards the canteen, seeing other students going the same direction as you, all wanting to know how lucky they were. You pushed through for you guys to get to the papers and your mouth hung down to your jaw as you saw  your name. “ I can’t believe it.” You said in anger looking over at the other girls. They moved closer to you to see their names with Lash on their group, but not you. “ But, if you’re not in our group who are you with then?” Maya asked and you pointing towards your name giving them a death glare. “Shit.” Jenna mumbled seeing your name together than none other than Michael from the other camp. Looking over at the 5SOS group you saw Michael give you the same death glare, smacking the other boys’ arms as they were hollering and poking him, probably being putted together in the same group without Michael. “You’re together with two others Y/N, you don’t have to use any communication with him.” Jenna tried to comfort and you nodded your head, swallowing the lump that had started to form in your throat.  


“ So for the first time in years we thought we would do something different.” Mr. Hans said though his microphone, music camp students gathered around the big stage, the sun shining bright and the lake right behind it. Mr. Hans assistant grabbed his microphone eagerly. “ So we’ve planned that both camps are going to start the camp out with a canoe trip, you know to get to know each other even though we’re rivals as you could call it.” There were some small cheers and some small groans coming from the crowd. “ Let’s get started. Go find 4 partners and a canoe. Let’s do this.” Hans smiled and of course you and your girl group Adelaide, Kimi and Hallie were together. But it wasn’t far from when you had been in the lake for a few minutes that the oh so famous group 5 Seconds Of Summer from the other camp sailed over to you.  “It’s another summer and yet you still manage to look as ugly as last time Y/N.” Ashton snickered making you groan instantly spraying water at the boy. “ And yet we still end up winning the summer camp competition every year.” Hallie sassed making Calum huff at her. Ashton wanted to tease some more, so he gave your canoe a light push. Not caring Ashton did it once more, but with a lot more force than necessary making your canoe unstable. It all happened fast but somehow you had managed to grab Ashton in fear of falling into the water, ending up with you not only pulling him down in the water but turning both canoes 90 degrees making all of you in board fall to the not so clean water. As everyone came up from the water with their heads, Mr. Bruce – camp counselor for 5SOS’s camp and Mrs. Janice – camp counselor for yours was ready to get you all up in a boat. “ You all have 5 minutes to get up into this boat before we’re having a well fair camp meeting when you’re all dried.” Mrs. Janice said sternly whilst Mr. Bruce was nodding his head at her words. Looking over at Ashton you both gave each other death glares before you spit out the rest of the lake water that was in your mouth, hitting him right in the face before giving him a cute disgusting smirk. 

You & I is so fucking epic holy balls

Sorry, så ikke svaret før nå.. Men går fint med meg og! Dansk er mye lettere å forstå skriftlig enn svensk, så jeg forstår veldig godt hva du mener ;)

Hhahh, tro mig jeg forstår heller ikke noget svensk! xD Det er vel også fordi vores sprog ligger så meget op af hinanden skriftlig, så selvom det ikke er helt det samme så kan vi stadig godt kommunikere xD 

A massive congrats to my friend jujubang for her and her boyfriend on their 2 years anniversary today 

Have you ever done america for the 5sos country pref?

I haaaaave x

Preference 44: Country Pref | You’re from America

Can you link put the link to your writing and drafts cause I'm on my phone :-)


Can you do a country pref that you're from belgium? :)

I already did my dear, thanks for informations though! x

Preference 36: Country Pref | You’re from Belgium

#48 Country Pref | You’re from Ireland





“If I’m that lucky to actually find a four-leaf clover don’t you think I’ll be rich.” Luke mumbled against the grass as half of his head was down in it searching for something. “God, why?” You asked lifting yourself up from the blanket outside in your garden, removing your sunglasses so you could focus at him. “ You know, if I found one, I could bring that and you to the rainbow. Maybe the gnomes would give me some gold then.” He winked and you sended him a weird look. “Come on Y/N it’s funny because you’re Irish. You’re my lucky charm. “ He kept on and you rolled your eyes. “ God Luke stop no more Irish jokes.” You moaned collapsing back to the ground. “Fine fine.” He laughed turning his gaze back to the grass. “But if I find one I’ll defiantly keep the gold to myself.” He said making you groan hitting him in the arm.


”That is so cool hella I wanna learn it as well!” Calum gestured to the TV as he had been sitting with the remote zapping through different channels when something caught his eye. “What?” You asked placing your book in your lap, looking at the TV as well. The screen was filled with people from St. Patrick ’s Day, all dancing the Irish dance. “ You wanna learn that dance?” You questioned in confusion and he shaked his head yes. “I wanna learn it, you know to impress your family.” He smiled making you sit up straight looking at him questionable. “God why?” You asked again not getting the whole idea. “ I’m 100% sure your family would love me if I knew it.” He said taking your hand before pulling you up from the couch. “Cal they already like you, you like beer and football that’s enough for them.” You moaned as you both stood up. “I don’t care teach me it now.” He commanded kissing your nose.


“Uhm Y/N, what’s going on?” Michael asked half asleep half-awake seeing your fully awaken body sprinting around in the kitchen with a cleaning sponge, repeating on cleaning the same counter. “I’m cleaning what does it looks like.” You answered without concentration trying to wash away the old red wine stain that Michael had accidently had made at a drunken night. “At 7:30AM?” He questioned in disbelief whilst he crossed his arms leaning against the doorframe – more awake by now. “Mhm.” You hummed sticking the sponge down in clean water. “Okay whats going on Y/N.” Michael said whilst grabbing your upper arm preventing you from more cleaning. “It’s Easter Sunday?” You said looking at him seriously. He looked at you weirdly for a second for a second. “Wait isn’t that the spring cleaning thing?” He asked making you nod. “ But Y/N, we’re not in Ireland, it doesn’t count here. Come back to bed.” He laughed before lifting you back to the bedroom.


“Y/N this is not fair! You’re Irish you were born to do this!” Ashton exclaimed after only 20 minutes of playing football in your garden the now irritated Australian frustrated by your skills and tactic. “And I don’t even like football!” He said in pants before collapsing to the ground letting his arms fall out in defeat. Running over to him you collapsed on top of him, legs on either side of his hip and he let out a huff as you did. “You’re just really bad at football.” You laughed poking his chest. “Am not!” He fought back lifting himself from the grass so he was on top. “ You know I’m actually half Irish. I have skills.” Cocking your eyebrow you moved your face closer to his. “You’re. Not. The slightest. Irish.” You pointed out and a smirk came on his face. “I’m gonna show you.” He laughed pushing you off him before running over to the ball.